Discovering my Support DNA

When I first came to Acquia Support I heard lots of talk about “Support DNA”, the ability, desire, and drive to help people surmount issues. Given my career trajectory in highly-technical fields, I had some nagging doubts whether I had “Support DNA,” or not.

But one particular support case changed my whole view of myself...

The Other Side of the Camera

My daughters and I just visited the Ecotarium, in Worcester, MA. It was fun for my daughters to take part in the Great Pumpkingfest, but for me the trip turned out to be much more important.

www.crotown.com is upgrading

I am upgrading the site to Drupal 7 shortly. A blog post is coming on the last project of Cronen-Townsend Consulting, which I just checked out at the Ecotarium in Worcester, MA. And I plan to bring back the recent tweets block. Things are in the works....

crotown.com returns

After a break traced to losing a credit card right before having an excellent summer vacation, I'm proud to announce the return of my website crotown.com. The first site to return here was msct.crotown.com which my wife needed to be up at the start of the school year, since she uses it to teach the kids of Greenfield about using computers.

My postings will be rare, due to my employment at Acquia, but I am glad to have my web presence back!

Don't leave behind .htaccess

When copying the files of a Drupal install, do not forget to copy Drupal's .htaccess file. If you've had the vexing problem where a site you've just manipulated has clean URLs turned on but they suddenly don't work, this may well be the reason. It took me fixing this problem many times before I realized what was going on.


You make a directory for a new site, cd to the new directory, and use drush to download Drupal.

% mkdir mynewsite
% cd mynewsite
% drush dl drupal

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