Twitter: What's the use?


This post is being written for a presentation at the Western Massachusetts Drupal Users Group on Sept. 21, 2010. It is intended to share how I have been using Twitter as a Drupal developer in a way that might inspire others to use Twitter or use it in new ways, and to promote discussions about Twitter.

Cloning Drupal sites - Part I: with CPanel access

This article is about making an exact duplicate of any live Drupal 6.x site onto one's local machine. It assumes you have a web server installed on your local machine, and have CPanel or access for a Drupal site on the web. Part II will address the case where you have root command-line access to the web server.

First I discuss how I use site cloning in my work and the many uses of this capability. Then I move on to instructions on cloning a typical Drupal 6.x site that uses MySQL in the case where you have (or use) only CPanel access to the server.

Getting control of your email in Apple Mail

After spending significant time today upgrading the handling of my email, I would like to share some of the techniques I use to manage my email over many separate email addresses. My focus here is on getting emails automatically sorted so that certain categories can be ignored and others seen immediately as circumstances require. Ignoring things that are ignorable is difficult when all of your email is jumbled together. And missing emails that demand attention is not acceptable.

Two tricks for debugging a Drupal WSoD

When working on custom Drupal modules in PHP, one commonly experiences the dreaded White Screen of Death (WSoD). The Drupal community has documented the Drupal WSoD extensively at http://drupal.org/node/158043.

Typically, everything seems fine, and then the Drupal-based web site you are working on (on your local machine) suddenly becomes completely broken, it gives a blank page for any request. Usually I cannot remember even what inconsequential-seeming things I have just changed. The tricks of this post are for directly tracking the down the error with a debugger, by watching it occur. [There is an even better method for this example, described at the end of this post.]

CTC's changing mission statement

As you may have noticed, I recently honed the 'mission statement' for Cronen-Townsend Consulting from "Building custom Web architecture with Drupal" to "Building custom Web platforms based on Drupal". Here is the story behind the change.

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