Optimizing Drupal sites on shared hosting: A Case Study

The first web hosting I signed up for was ANHosting's "All Inclusive Mega Package" shared hosting. Going with an $8/per month plan made a lot of sense while I was learning to build web sites. I chose ANHosting after finding it recommended for Drupal sites on John Forsythe's blog.

Speeding up Eclipse PHP debugging by using an external web browser

Today I got my environment for debugging PHP web pages working much more snappily, and I'm excited to share my tips. My experience only applies directly to you if you are running Eclipse and debugging PHP on a Macintosh with OS X.

Flexibly titled pop-up windows

Here's a tip to add to the previous articles here about pop-up windows. When you invoke a pop-up with Javascript, the window is automatically given a title which is the URL of the page it is viewing. But often one wants a simpler title like, say, "Play audio", instead of the URL of the audio file. What to do?

An easy solution I found was to put the file within its own Javascript IFrame(). That way, the invisible title of the IFrame is the file URL, while the window can have whatever title one sets.

Debugging locally using Eclipse, MAMP, and virtual domains

When setting up debug configurations for Eclipse, I often have my files living in a subdirectory of my web server root. For example, at directory drydock/ I have a full replica of whatever live site I am working on.

On my hosting, I have the same directory structure and a subdomain set up so that drydock.crotown.com maps to the drydock subdirectory. Then the site drydock.crotown.com lets me put changes on the web for testing and approval, before the actual live site is touched.

ShareLinkField is born

Have you ever posted a link on Facebook? An image and the site description is automatically scraped from the site, and you can select an image from the site without a page reload. When you are done the result is posted in one unit; it is very slick.

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