Drupal 6 RealChat module

Chatting is something that makes a community site seem so much more vibrant and dynamic. I had looked into chatting options using contributed modules to Drupal 6 at one point but never implemented any of them.

Working on the Drupal 7 Field API

I have recently started working on the Drupal 7 Field API. In Drupal 7 the Content Creation Kit module (CCK) is mainly a user interface that uses the new Field API to do the behind-the-scenes work of attaching fields to objects.

Robust popup links in Drupal 6

Once MIDI files were reliably playing in the browser (see the previous post), the next thing I wanted was to have them play in little popup windows, instead of making a blank new page and playing there. Having to hit the browser's "Back button" after playing any MIDI was not acceptable.

The first way I did this was to put the Javascript code to make the popup window inside the link (with an onclick attribute). The problem with that method is that the link is completely broken when Javascript is not supported. Clearly a new page to play the file is the best option when Javascript is not supported.

So, the question is, how can one get a popup when Javascript is supported, but have the link still go to a new page and load the file when it is not?

MIDI links playing in the browser

Getting MIDI links at Composers' Village to play in people's browsers has been an interesting challenge. After I first noticed that the links were prompting file downloads, investigation led me to the "Content-Disposition" header that FileField puts on files downloaded from a filefield. (FileField is the name of the Drupal module that I am using to implement the file links for the Village, and the particular container is a filefield.)

Drupal, Eclipse, and PDT development workflow -- the big picture

Setting up my Drupal development environment based on Eclipse with PDT and the Zend debugger took me a huge amount of time. Searching on drupal.org yields a lot of configuration details for Eclipse, and Web-wide searches yield detailed setup instructions for various combinations of software versions and operating systems. But what finally helped me over my last, and most time-consuming, challenges was the workflow discussion at http://groups.drupal.org/node/2663.

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