The Importance of Preserving Context in Web Development

This morning, when I got down to the particular work task at hand for Imbee, I switched to Eclipse and found it stopped at a breakpoint I had set when debugging a certain crucial issue in my local copy of imbee.com. This was exactly my context from last night.

Unsticking Yourself as a Drupal Developer: Googling & Getting Feedback


This post is being written for a presentation at the Western Massachusetts Drupal Camp on Jan. 22, 2011. It aims to share tips on getting yourself out of specific problems everyone encounters working as a developer with Drupal sites. Your presenter, Steve Cronen-Townsend a.k.a. crotown, was a Drupal freelancer for almost two years, and a few weeks ago joined Imbee as a full-time software engineer developing their Drupal-based web site.

Changing PHP's configuration file, php.ini

[This post is about making changes in PHP's configuration files when you have full command-line access to the underlying Ubuntu 10 server. The commands should be identical for other Unix-based web servers.]

An important step in setting up hosting of any web site is tailoring PHP to the needs of the code you will be running. You do this by changing PHP's initialization files which have the extension .ini. There is at least one initialization file, called php.ini, and there may be others.

ShareLinkField is born

Have you ever posted a link on Facebook? An image and the site description is automatically scraped from the site, and you can select an image from the site without a page reload. When you are done the result is posted in one unit; it is very slick.

Drupal SEO