Discovering my Support DNA

When I first came to Acquia Support I heard lots of talk about “Support DNA”, the ability, desire, and drive to help people surmount issues. Given my career trajectory in highly-technical fields, I had some nagging doubts whether I had “Support DNA,” or not.

But one particular support case changed my whole view of myself...

The Other Side of the Camera

My daughters and I just visited the Ecotarium, in Worcester, MA. It was fun for my daughters to take part in the Great Pumpkingfest, but for me the trip turned out to be much more important.

Don't leave behind .htaccess

When copying the files of a Drupal install, do not forget to copy Drupal's .htaccess file. If you've had the vexing problem where a site you've just manipulated has clean URLs turned on but they suddenly don't work, this may well be the reason. It took me fixing this problem many times before I realized what was going on.


You make a directory for a new site, cd to the new directory, and use drush to download Drupal.

% mkdir mynewsite
% cd mynewsite
% drush dl drupal

The Importance of Preserving Context in Web Development

This morning, when I got down to the particular work task at hand for Imbee, I switched to Eclipse and found it stopped at a breakpoint I had set when debugging a certain crucial issue in my local copy of imbee.com. This was exactly my context from last night.

Getting phpinfo() output from any Drupal site

Seeing the output of phpinfo() is as easy as going to URL /admin/reports/status/php (e.g. http://www.example.com/admin/reports/status/php) on any Drupal site, when logged in to administer the site. This is quicker than writing a one-line PHP program yourself to call this function as suggested in a previous post on finding, changing, and verifying changes to your PHP initialization file.

Unsticking Yourself as a Drupal Developer: Googling & Getting Feedback


This post is being written for a presentation at the Western Massachusetts Drupal Camp on Jan. 22, 2011. It aims to share tips on getting yourself out of specific problems everyone encounters working as a developer with Drupal sites. Your presenter, Steve Cronen-Townsend a.k.a. crotown, was a Drupal freelancer for almost two years, and a few weeks ago joined Imbee as a full-time software engineer developing their Drupal-based web site.

Steve joins imbee.com

I am excited to announce that I have joined imbee.com as a full-time employee, as of today. Imbee.com is a secure social network for kids, and I will be helping grow imbee's technology platform, which is based on Drupal.

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