The Importance of Preserving Context in Web Development

This morning, when I got down to the particular work task at hand for Imbee, I switched to Eclipse and found it stopped at a breakpoint I had set when debugging a certain crucial issue in my local copy of imbee.com. This was exactly my context from last night.

Unsticking Yourself as a Drupal Developer: Googling & Getting Feedback


This post is being written for a presentation at the Western Massachusetts Drupal Camp on Jan. 22, 2011. It aims to share tips on getting yourself out of specific problems everyone encounters working as a developer with Drupal sites. Your presenter, Steve Cronen-Townsend a.k.a. crotown, was a Drupal freelancer for almost two years, and a few weeks ago joined Imbee as a full-time software engineer developing their Drupal-based web site.

Debugging locally using Eclipse, MAMP, and virtual domains

When setting up debug configurations for Eclipse, I often have my files living in a subdirectory of my web server root. For example, at directory drydock/ I have a full replica of whatever live site I am working on.

On my hosting, I have the same directory structure and a subdomain set up so that drydock.crotown.com maps to the drydock subdirectory. Then the site drydock.crotown.com lets me put changes on the web for testing and approval, before the actual live site is touched.

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