About Steve Cronen-Townsend

Steve started Cronen-Townsend Consulting (CTC) in 2009 to assist people in making their Drupal web sites do what needed them to do, using custom Drupal modules and PHP programming.

At the beginning of 2011 Steve joined Imbee, where he is a full-time software engineer further developing their Drupal-based technologies. Currently Cronen-Townsend Consulting is not accepting new clients and Steve is finishing up on-going CTC work with weekend time.

Steve's handle in the Drupal community (and IRC nickname) is crotown. He draws on extensive experience in his approach to problems.

In August 2011 Steve started as a Client Advisor at Acquia, where he is helping customers host their Drupal-based web sites on Acquia Cloud daily. He draws on his background as a teacher, Drupalist, computer scientist, and software engineer constantly to deliver first-class Drupal support to Acquia's customers.


  • A figure from Steve's 2002 paper Quantifying Query Ambiguity showing examples of his clarity score applied to queries.
  • Steve's main scholarly publications from his careers in physics and computer science academic research.
  • An early (circa 1985) precursor of Cronen-Townsend Consulting.

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