Discovering my Support DNA

When I first came to Acquia Support I heard lots of talk about “Support DNA”, the ability, desire, and drive to help people surmount issues. Given my career trajectory in highly-technical fields, I had some nagging doubts whether I had “Support DNA,” or not.

But one particular support case changed my whole view of myself...

A customer called us at Acquia Support and was having trouble logging into her Enterprise Drupal site. Hearing extreme frustration in her voice, I knew that I had to stay on the line with her until she felt things were under control.

After I reset the password on the User #1 account to something easy, I figured I was almost done. But logging in at “/user/login” with the new password did not work, and it turned out that no one, not even User #1, could log in at “/user/login”.

As I shared with the customer, “I have to admit that this was the last thing I expected -- not being able to log in, myself. I was expecting you had the shift-lock key down by accident or something.” She said “You were going to say ‘I told you so’, weren’t you?”. I admitted that “I might have thought it” and we had a good laugh. The customer had started breathing normally, because at least I believed her and saw the problem.

I worked on the issue for the next couple hours and was thrilled when I “commented out” the one vestigial line of code in settings.php that was preventing anyone from being able to log into the new Acquia Cloud site.

It turns out that the site had just been migrated onto our platform, and the fact we had broken the login page was missed. So, in addition to turning around the customer’s first support experience with Acquia, we at Acquia were able to add an onboarding check so that same issue would not occur again.

I felt immense satisfaction at having helped bring the situation to a successful resolution while putting the customer at ease, and helping improve Acquia processes. From then on I knew that I do have “Support DNA.” What an amazing thing to realize about yourself...

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